About the BSRI Network

BSRI (Big Science and Research Infrastructure) is a multi-disciplinary informal network that unites scholars with empirical interest in Big Science and research infrastructure. The purpose of the network is to connect individuals with a shared interest and to provide a platform for exchanging knowledge and experience both on- and offline.

BSRI started as a forum for doctoral students, on the initiative of the Lund University Network for Big Science and Society (LUNBISS), and has been rapidly growing since its inauguration in January 2018. The network members have a variety of backgrounds and analytical perspectives; these include historical studies, political science, psychology, sociology and physics. We are open to new members – both scholars of different research areas and career stages, as well as practitioners in the area of science policy.  Membership in the network does not require a fee. We encourage interested individuals to email us at bsrinetwork@gmail.com for more information.